Fundacja Polska Debatuje

The Polska Debatuje Foundation was established in 2012 with the aim of developing the Polish debating community.

During the first years, we were focused on establishing new Debate Clubs and conducting workshops in the British Parliamentary format, previously unknown in Poland, which allowed students of other universities to gain valuable skills.

The growing popularity of debating and convincing the authorities of subsequent academic centers to support this activity gradually translated into more and more frequent successes in international competition. Thanks to regular work, Polish students began to achieve high positions in English-language tournaments on a regular basis. Our pupils were finalists of tournaments in Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Vilnius, Kiev, Munich and many other cities. In 2015, the team from the Adam Mickiewicz University in PoznaƄ won the title of World Champions in the English as a Foreign Language category.

From the first years, we also actively supported the organization of international tournaments in Poland. By the decision of the European Debate Council, we organized the European Universities Debating Championship 2016 in Warsaw, attended by over 350 students from the best universities in Europe. During this period, we also expanded our activities to secondary schools, thanks to which we reached hundreds of young people who wanted to improve the ability to speak in public, which was neglected in traditional education.

We have been a permanent member of the International Debate Education Association since 2018. This cooperation allows us to regularly send our pupils and trainers to international exchanges and enables the exchange of experiences with organizations from other countries performing similar functions.


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