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What is Debatabase

Debatabase is an authoritative collection of over seven hundred debates mostly written by experienced debaters. They cover topics from the affirmative action to Zimbabwe, on all sorts of themes including politics, economics, religion, culture, science and society.

You can help the debatabase by:

  • Becoming a debatabase editor
  • Writing for the Debatabase
  • Getting involved in discussions on the forum
  • Becoming a curator for a debate

For debaters they may provide useful preparation materials and examples but the debates will be useful to everyone. Debatabase topics provide both sides of the debate rather than giving just one side of the argument as most blogs, newspapers and other articles you can find online do. We want you to make up your own mind on these important issues and believe you need both sides of the argument to make an informed choice.

The debates are however never complete, there are always more arguments to be made, improvements to existing arguments and challenges to be made. IDEA wants your help to help make both sides of the debates as strong as possible. We are also looking for volunteers to write more debates to make the Debatabase more complete.


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