European educators explore the results of Melita

European educators explore the results of Melita

Melita, our project focusing on using debate-based methods to increase media and information literacy, resulted in several resources for teachers and coaches available on a new online platform.

The Melita project is gaining traction across Europe, uniting participants from various regions to advocate for enhanced media literacy. The project displayed its commitment to fostering a well-informed society through engaging events held from May to July in Slovenia, Estonia, the Netherlands, and Poland brining in hudnereds of educators to learn about project results and how to use them.

At the heart of these gatherings was the exploration and promotion of Melita's e-learning platform, which encapsulates a wealth of resources designed to bolster Media and information literacy (MIL). This platform combines 61 lesson plan in an interactive E-learning environment with access to two new publications by IDEA - 

The Strategy of Literacy: Conceptual background for innovative media and information pedagogy

Empowering minds: Using debate methodologies for media information and literacy education

The events saw a lively exchange of ideas among teachers, youth workers and debate coaches, highlighting the project’s innovative approach towards blending formal and non-formal educational styles. The emphasis on debate-based methodologies, a key feature of the Melita platform, was particularly well-received, showcasing its potential to sharpen critical thinking and foster informed discourse among the youth.

These so-called multiplier events reflect the project’s broader vision of creating a harmonized educational milieu across Europe. The cross-border collaboration amplifies the Melita project's reach and enriches it with diverse perspectives stemming from different educational and societal contexts.

As word spreads about the Melita project, the anticipation is that these events will trigger a ripple effect, fostering a culture of discerning media consumption and vibrant dialogue. It's a step towards transforming Melita from a project into a movement, with Europe being at the core of this educational endeavor.

The narrative of Melita, thus far, exemplifies the collective effort required in navigating the complex media realm of today. To delve deeper into this initiative, visit and be part of the burgeoning community advocating for a more media literate society across Europe.

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