Debate Center

We aspire to be the world's leading provider of debate education, offering debate resources, debate training and debate events to educators, youth groups and young people across the world.



Being in this unique position in the world of debate as an organisation that spans multiple debate cultures, approaches and backgrounds, IDEA is working on becoming  a hub for "all things debateā€. We strive to position ourself as a debate oriented think tank, a network devoted to organising international conferences for educators and academics, publishing scientific and popular journals based around debate and inciting other providers of debate related content to advertise their work through our network if it meets quality standards.


We are also using member organizations to get in touch with national academic circles and therefore reinvesting efforts in making connections with the UK and US-based debate academia.


IDEA endeavors to provide training opportunities to our member organizations, acting as a debate training center, all in accordance with our development goals. One of the most effective ways of securing our central place at the debate stage is supporting direct debate activities by supporting debate tournaments for all levels of education and organizing events such as youth forums or international competitions for teams unable to participate in already existing ones.