MeLitA events for teachers and students wrap up in Slovenia

MeLitA events for teachers and students wrap up in Slovenia

Nearly a year after the first MeLItA events in Estonia, we gathered teachers and students in Slovenia to test and provide feedback on teaching materials using debate-based methods to increase media and information literacy.

As we enter the last stretch of MeLItA, a project dedicated to adapting debate methodology for classroom use to boost media and information literacy specifically, we gathered in the lovely Izola, Slovenia to test out some project materials. During this event, we focused on two project outputs specifically - lesson plans and the teacher platform we're developing through MeLItA. The materials are meant to help teachers directly by ensuring they have everything they need to use a debate-based approach with students when working on any topic in the realm of media and information literacy, without having to spend a lot of time preparing.

When developing learning and teaching materials, we always try to include teachers, debate coaches and learners (be it students or young people in general) in the process by having them test what we produced, provide feedback, and flag any areas we might not be covering, but should. This back-and-forth process ensures that the materials we produce truly fit the needs and wants of educators and learners in our community.

This time around, 16 educators and 20 students descended on Izola in an effort to help make MeLitA a success. The event was co-organized by Za in Proti, the Slovenian national debate organisation. Through many trials, tribulations and perks, from hard work, wild debate motions, trekking in the rain, seaside views, palm trees and the Alps all the way to artisan gelato and visiting the Slovenian national champion pizza place, the participants had the opportunity to contribute to a valuable educational project, as well as meet peers from across Europe. We sincerely thank them all for spending their time with us, and hope all of you who weren't there this time will join us on future projects. As always, as soon as the project is done, we will be making the resources developed available on our website.

Our partners on this project come from Estonia, Poland, and Slovenia. These are the Estonian Debate Society, Fundacja Polska Debatuje, Za in Proti, and Danes je nov dan.

MeLitA is co-funded through Key Action 2 of the Erasmus+ programme.

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