Become a partner

We are building a truly global non-profit debate network providing access to debate training and resources to teachers, volunteers, and young people regardless of their background. We are looking for partnerships that can contribute to the effort. 

Our members and activities within the network present one of the most vibrant youth and democratization ecosystems in the civil sector in the EU and beyond, currently engaging over 15 thousand young people from 22 countries as long-term participants on a yearly basis - with an ever bigger potential waiting for realization. 

Engaging in a partnership with IDEA is a two-way relationship that not only helps bold ideas see the light of day and encourages young people to achieve positive change, but also gives corporations and institutions the ability to be the first and critical instruments for recognizing those ideas in our communities and setting the wheels in motion. 

The options for partnerships are many, from supporting ambitious debate clubs in competitive endevours, encouraging public discourse, deliberative processes and debates on specific issues, or participating in organising events connecting young people and decision makers. In addition, they can include and upskill staff and/or clients. 

Got you interested? Start the conversation and become our partner.