Help Us Fundraise

We are a non-profit debate network. Almost all of our funding stems from donations, and yet, IDEA members and activities within the network present one of the most vibrant youth and democratization ecosystems in the NGO sector in Europe and beyond - with an ever bigger potential waiting for realization.

That’s why we’re looking for partnerships in fundraising and your help in achieving this. We want to become more sustainable and create a constant stream of funding for our projects. 

If you have even a slightest trace of an idea, or want to support its conception - how to empower young people in your community, give them a voice, how to include marginalised youth as active participants in a society, how to spread equal chances for quality education and not let it rest reserved for elitist groups - let us know. Because an active force is needed to change the body of fragile society from its inert status. That force is what carries our joint, and therefore stronger efforts, to empower youth as upcoming agents of change. Through these sorts of partnerships and sponsorships, we’re able to reach out to young people living in marginalized communities and bring them valuable life-learning skills in critical thinking, active listening and argumentation in order to participate more actively in society and advocacy and make change happen. 

Got you interested? Keep the thinking wheel spinning, start the conversation and become our partner.