Innovating debate in the Netherlands

Innovating debate in the Netherlands

We celebrated the conclusion of our "Innovate debate" project with a workshop presenting project results to debate practitioners from various Dutch youth organisations.

After three years of intensive work we were proud to introduce results of the IDAC project to volunteers, youth workers, tehachers and various educators from the Netherlands. The Innovate debate education curriculum is designed to provide young people with a comprehensive understanding of the art and skill of debating and provide them with the best debate methodology while developing active citizenship and volunteering values. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including research, argumentation, and public speaking, as well as the specific format and rules of different types of debate, such as public debates and world schools debate. It balances a competitive drive that engages young people with community outreach and the development of active citizens.

It's implementation is supported by study and new digital tools available on our tools section. learningbase, updated debatabase, motionbase and resourcebase.
The workshop focused on how to use IDAC materials to deliver a more inclusive debate experience. It was really interesting to explore new digital tools in a very relaxed atmosphere.


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