Global and European Perspectives

Our presence all over the globe, with more than 35 countries with programmatic activities of IDEA based in Utrecht, has a rising impact as a youth educational force.

We devote special attention to engaging young people with the notion of global citizenship, communicating interdependence, and openness in a globalized world.

Currently, a large majority of IDEA’s members are from Europe, both organizations situated in European Union member countries, and those in aspiring EU member states (candidate countries, etc.)

But also, as an Education Association that used to regularly have the Youth Forum as a truly international gathering, an event supporting cultural exchange amongst diverse groups of students, teachers and educators - one of the biggest Youth Forums, in Mexico in 2012, had participants from 45 countries - our focus lies on a global level too.

In late August of 2021, in accordance with (and in spite of) COVID-19 pandemic rules and restrictions, IDEA managed to organize a Youth Forum in Zagreb, Croatia with participants from 21 countries in the Europe and MENA region and brought together inspired educators to discuss the future of debating.

Since we’ve had, and are still going through, a major reorganisation and a sort of a ‘renaissance’ of our association, such events are coming back slowly but surely. That doesn’t mean our aspirations regarding worldwide spread of debate education have faded. On the contrary, IDEA’s fresh start is imbued with a sense of global perspective and the reclaiming of our internationally oriented tradition.

Because ultimately, part of our mission lies in activities focused on strengthening global citizen identities, inter European dialogue and dialogue between young people from all over the world, developing a joint framework of thinking for a more inclusive and sustainable future.