IDEA Debate Exchange - Warsaw 2024

IDEA Debate Exchange - Warsaw 2024

A unique event for debate experts, from organisational staff to coaches and adjudicators, the IDEA Debate Exchange provides the opportunity for networking, exchange of knowledge, and skill development.

Target participants: organisation staff and/or volunteers; 2-4 per organisation

Eligibility: all Debate Exchange participants need to be of age (18 and over) and have had completed secondary-level education by the event arrival day

This event will focus on exchanging debate practices, innovations, capacity building, and general networking. Previously, the event included two training tracks - one for organisational staff focusing on fundraising options, grant application writing, project management, capacity building, and event and activity organisation, and another for debate coaches and judges focusing on non-formal teaching skills, key debate concepts, and debate club management. Debate Exchange also uses the open space format, with event participants suggesting and taking up different topics for discussions and workshops. In the run up to the event, participants with specific material to share are asked to register for workshop delivery. 

The event dates are 25.08. to 30.08. and the event venue will be the O3 Hotel in Warszaw.

We would like to thank our member from Poland, Polish debate foundation for the organisational support!

EN Co-Funded by the EU_PANTONE
Aug 25, 2024 - Aug 30, 2024
Registration TBA