Youth Educational Forum

Youth Educational Forum is a youth organization founded in 1999. The organization is active at the national level, implementing its program activities in several cities in Northern Macedonia.

YEF youth clubs annually have more than 1000 young people, active in the program areas Debate, Learning Law, Artivism, Journalism clubs for democratic participation, journalism club and clubs for entrepreneurship. The organization also operates the first youth internet radio in Macedonia, Radio MOF.



Youth educational Forum vision is for young people to be active citizens in a free democratic and integrated society in which they have quality education. Youth Educational Forum mission is to establish a youth community that provides education for debate, legal literacy, personal and professional skills; creates research and policies; provides media space and information; supports activism, self-organization and participation; for social development of young people.


Our strategic priorities include: Contemporary education for youth perspective, engaged and self-organized youth who influence the betterment of society, Informed young people who think critically and express themselves freely and improved social status of young people through quality youth and educational policies.


The Youth Education Forum [YEF] Debate Program works in the field of education, human rights and interethnic integration, using debate as a tool to achieve its strategic priorities.

The activities of the program are realized within two levels:

1. Debate program for high school students

2. Debate program for students


The activities of the program are aimed at promoting critical thinking, argumentation, encouraging tolerance and respect for other people's ideas and views.

The primary activities of the program take place in debate clubs that hold weekly meetings with their members. The clubs hold theoretical lectures and practical exercises for argumentation, competitive debate and public speaking according to a predetermined curriculum. In addition to the clubs, the program conducts elective lectures, trainings, trainings, public debates, debate academies and local, national and international debate tournaments. Through participation in debate clubs and activities in the program, YEF members contribute to creating an open society based on democratic values ​​and tolerance, where critical thinking and free and reasoned expression are promoted and practiced.


The YEF Debate Program is active at the national level, implementing its activities in 7 cities in Macedonia (Skopje, Tetovo, Veles, Negotino, Debar, Prilep and Struga). The program has about 50 adult members who are actively involved in the work of the program by conducting lectures within the debate clubs, organizing activities with debate content and strategic planning of the program priorities.

YEF's debate clubs annually have more than 180 members, users of the program.


  • Drenak 34 A, 1000, Skopje, MK
  • 02 3139 692