Commun Global

Our main goal is to empower citizens, and mainly young citizens, through debate, as the only true way to become a better society.

The objectives of COMMUN Global are:

  1. Empower soft-skills such as reading comprehension, reasoning, speaking, active listening, etc.
  2. Encourage debate as a mechanism of social cohesion, tolerance and empathy.
  3. Host a communicative paradigm shift towards dialogue, exchange of ideas and mutual understanding, tending to consensual resolution of the issues and not the unreasoned immobility.
  4. Promote innovation and the ability to express ideas and opinions with conviction and confidence, thereby affecting the self-esteem, real capacity and employability.
  5. Promote communication skills as an art to appreciate and enjoy for our youth.
  6. Encourage critical thought to empower citizens in the use of democracy.
  7. Fight social exclusion.

To achieve these goals we run debate tournaments, debate workshops, communication workshops, courses on communication and self-management skills.


  • Av. Augusto Vázquez 9, 06006, Badajoz, ES
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