WSDC 2023 motions announced

WSDC 2023 motions announced

The organisers of this year's World Schools Debating Championship have announced the motions for the prepared preliminary rounds of Vietnam WSDC 2023.

The 2023 World Schools Debating Championship, the debate world cup for secondary-level students, is set to take place in Vietnam this summer. The prepared motions to be used in four out of eight preliminary rounds have been announced and read as follows:
  • Preliminary Round 1: This House believes that the World Bank Group should adopt a one-country-one-vote system.
  • Preliminary Round 2: This House supports the use of the nine planetary boundaries framework.
  • Preliminary Round 5: This House believes that African countries should recognise the sovereignty of Somaliland.
  • Preliminary Round 7: This House would replace agricultural companies with farmers’ cooperative.
At WSDC, the motions are set by the community-elected Motions Committee. For Vietnam WSDC 2023, the members of the Motions Committee are Marilena Hadjicosta, Ahmad Tousif Jami, Benjamin Goh, Matija Pušnik, Eddy Xu, Kyle Go, and Mubarrat Wassey. Other than these prepared motions, they will select the impromptu motions (given to debaters 60 minutes before the round) for the remaining four preliminary and the elimination rounds.
For more details about WSDC 2023, please visit the organizers' Facebook page. For WSDC in general, please visit the official WSDC website. Lastly, if you're feeling nostalgic for last year's WSDC, feel free to browse our website or visit our YouTube channel featuring recordings and streams from 32 preliminary and 15 out rounds.


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