United for Ukraine

United for Ukraine

Ukraine's debate community needs our help. Debate organizations across Ukraine have had to stop their meetings and tournaments, and focus purely on survival. Motions and arguments have been replaced by violence of inhuman proportions. We therefore call on the global debate community to support our friends and colleagues in Ukraine. Through our long-time member, NGO New Vision, based in Dnipro, a city in eastern Ukraine - and at their specific request - IDEA will fundraise on their behalf to provide them the resources they need to help their community.

Five days before their lives would be changed forever, students, coaches, and adjudicators from all over Ukraine gathered for the first of what was supposed to be four weekends of the 2022 Dnipro Open debate tournament. In cruel contrast, a debate tournament was cut short by war.

New Vision and its members are now focused on survival and supporting civilians and members of the debate community in Dnipro with information, basic supplies, and medicine. At their request, we will help them by securing direct funding to the organization, which will help them buy supplies and support local relief efforts, and by creating a community of people able to provide accommodation and local help for refugees.

Since our founding in the 1990s, IDEA's mission has been to support the development of vibrant and successful debate programs that motivate young people to create change in their communities. There are tens of thousands of young people across the world whose lives have been enhanced by our work and the work of our members.

We work in areas where debate is intertwined with democracy development, the inclusion of the marginalized, peacebuilding, and reconciliation. It is still beyond our comprehension that one of our members is in a city preparing for a siege. Debaters are huddled in shelters, and teachers have gone to join self-defense units. As a debate organization, we are fundamentally aware that there are multiple perspectives to every situation, but we are also mindful that in every conflict, there are those who are shooting and those who are being shot at. We will always stand on the side of the latter.

Our support is not political but human.

To join us in supporting the people and debaters of Ukraine please fill out the form below and/or click on this link.


We are fundraising on behalf of our member, debate NGO New Vision in Ukraine.

100% of the funds donated will help people from the city of Dnipro where New Vision is located and is a part of the community.

The funds donated to this initiative will be used for non-military purposes. While we do understand and acknowledge the need for self-defense, we will not in any way fund such activities.

IDEA will not use any funds for administrative costs or similar organizational expenses.

New Vision has been a member of IDEA since 2011. They have been a valuable partner, hosting their own debate activities and tournaments, international events in Ukraine, and participating in IDEA projects and activities. We have a long track record of collaboration and are confident in their desire and ability to use these funds wisely and support their community. 

Based on agreements with New Vision and advice from experts in the field of conflict relief we have set up a process in which IDEA will gather funds in a safe country, (our bank account based in the Netherlands) and transfer them to the New vision bank account regularly or as needs arise and depending on the availability of wire transfers.

All transfers will be conducted via verifiable wire transfer supported by bank statements on our side, and New Vision will support their expenditures with as much proof as possible, given conditions on the ground in Ukraine.

In case of inability to transfer the funds to Ukraine, which is an unfortunate possibility as the war progresses, all the funds will be stored on a separate ledger in IDEA’s bank, to be used once transfers are again available. If this becomes impossible, funds will be used to support refugees from the Ukrainian debate community.

In case of hostilities end, the funds will be used to support members of the Ukrainian debate community in rebuilding efforts.

How to help


You can either donate by clicking the direct donate link on this page or by direct wire transfer. For direct donations via wire transfer please consult these instructions.


Get involved directly

If you can provide direct help, be it accommodation, transportation, babysitting, translation, information verification, serving as a local guide, or something other, please fill out the form below - I can provide accommodation/help.

If you are a member of Ukranian debate community and are looking for help, please fill out the form named Find accommodation/help.


How will this work?

We have put together a team of volunteers that will be in charge of matching the users who can provide help on the one end with the Ukrainian debaters on the receiving end, to fulfill their needs in the best possible way and connect them to the resources for support.


Please feel free to reach out to us through our contact form for any further questions or ideas for support, or reach out to us directly on info@idebate.net


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