United for Ukraine

United for Ukraine

IDEA's "United for Ukraine" initiative has provided critical support to the Ukrainian debate community, offering immediate aid, medical supplies, and psychological support. Transitioning to long-term assistance, we are now focusing on integration of Ukrainian debaters into the EU's educational framework, showcasing the power of solidarity and collective action in addressing the impacts of conflict.

On the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we wanted to share with you the results of our efforts to support the Ukrainian debate community and internally displaced persons (IDPs) through the "United for Ukraine" initiative conducted by our member New Vision. This project, launched in response to the escalating conflict in Ukraine, has become a testament to the power and impact of solidarity and collective action.

As the war unfolded, the debate community sprang into action, offering immediate assistance to those in dire need. This included facilitating the relocation of families and individuals to safer locations within Ukraine and abroad, notably aiding in resetting members of the debate community in Baltic countries. The initiative also extended financial support, with IDEA disbursing funds gathered from worldwide donations, alongside additional funding from the US Embassy in Ukraine secured by New Vision. These funds were instrumental in procuring essential items such as hygienic goods, blankets, and food for IDPs, particularly those taking refuge in schools, who represent some of the most vulnerable segments of the population.

Beyond immediate relief, the "United for Ukraine" procured medical supplies and equipment for the G4 Hospital in Dnipro, enhancing the facility's capacity to deliver critical medical services. Psychological support, especially for children and teenagers, has been a cornerstone of the initiative, with specialized programs addressing the trauma and stress induced by conflict.

Recognizing the long-term implications of the conflict, the focus was moved towards building resilience and fostering community integration for IDPs. The initiative emphasizes educational services, employment opportunities, and debate competencies as essential tools for successful adaptation and integration into host communities. This approach not only aids in the immediate recovery but also lays the groundwork for sustainable development and empowerment of displaced individuals.

A New Phase of Support

As the "United for Ukraine" initiative transitions from direct aid to long-term support, IDEA has secured a significant grant from the EU to further its mission. This new phase aims to integrate the Ukrainian debate community into the EU's educational framework and support establishing debate clubs within Ukraine's education system. This initiative's evolution underscores the commitment to the long-term empowerment and resilience of the affected communities. The "United for Ukraine" initiative stands as a powerful example of how collective action and international solidarity can make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by conflict.

The support extended by donors, volunteers, and partner organizations has provided many a lifeline, offering hope amidst despair. As IDEA continues its efforts, the impact of the "United for Ukraine" initiative, embodying the spirit of resilience and the power of community, will be felt for years to come.

This initiative shows the impact of collective action in times of crisis. Through immediate aid, sustained support, and a focus on long-term resilience, the project has provided essential relief and fostered a sense of hope and community among those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. As the initiative moves forward, its legacy of solidarity and empowerment continues to inspire and make a difference in the lives of many. 

We want to take this opportunity to thank all the supporters of this campaign, especially the George Washington University Debate Program, who supported our efforts in the US.

Key areas of our impact:


4 medical and social care institutions have received blankets, sanitary supplies and medical rehabilitation support

Over 500 care packages have been distributed to locally displaced people and mailed to members of the debate community.

1500 "trench candles" have been made and sent to Ukraine to be used for cooking and heating where and when electricity is not available

New Vision provided dozens of support workshops for internally displaced  dealing with:

- Peculiarities of experiencing stress and psychological trauma of the war

- How to help yourself and your family to be stable during military operations.

- Self-regulation of the psycho-emotional state: effective methods.

- Psychological practices for improving the psycho-emotional state

- Life in the conditions of war. How to overcome stress and survive traumatic events (Practical exercises)

- Advice on how to support children and provide them with a sense of security and protection 

We facilitated communicatio between debaters and teachers on the ground in Ukraine and those who volunteered and registered on our webpage as willing to host or support them in their home countries

New Vision organised training sessions on communication, teamwork and project management to empower Ukrainian refugees in Lithuania

4 joint community projects have been developed and implemented by young people from Lithuaniacommunication and Ukraine

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