Speak Together

Speak Together

Through the "Speak together" project we are supporting integration of Ukrainian refugees and marginalized youths. Through debate, we aim to foster inclusion, critical thinking, and European values. Our activities include creating an inclusion toolkit, online resources, and organizing workshops and community debates.

At the heart of this initiative is creating youth debate clubs in Ukrainian and host nation langue , envisioned as vital centers for integration, dialogue, and mutual understanding. These clubs will follow a carefully crafted yearly activity plan that includes diverse debate formats and topics, specifically chosen to resonate with and be inclusive of Ukrainian refugees and other young individuals with fewer opportunities. The activities will be designed to break down barriers, facilitate mutual understanding, and promote a sense of belonging among participants from varied backgrounds.

A significant component of the project is the development of a specialized toolkit for inclusion. This resource will serve as a comprehensive guide for educators and facilitators, focusing on culture-sensitive communication, trauma-informed practices, and language support, with particular attention to the needs of Ukrainian refugees. The toolkit aims to equip facilitators with the skills and knowledge necessary to foster an inclusive, supportive, and empathetic environment within the debate clubs.

To extend the reach and impact of the project, online support tools will be developed, offering digital resources for both educators and young participants. These tools will include educational content, debate prompts, and platforms for virtual engagement, ensuring accessibility for a broader audience, including those unable to attend in person. This digital component is crucial for sustaining the integration and support of Ukrainian refugees and other young individuals, providing them with continuous opportunities for learning and participation, regardless of their physical location.

Expected outcomes

The project is set to achieve significant outcomes, particularly in supporting the integration of Ukrainian refugees and fostering inclusive communities.

Key tangible outcomes include:

  • The establishment of youth debate clubs as inclusive platforms, with activities tailored to the needs and experiences of Ukrainian refugees and other marginalized youths.
  • The creation and dissemination of a toolkit for inclusion, with specific strategies and practices for supporting Ukrainian refugees, ensuring their effective integration and participation in host communities.
  • The organization of 2 international Training of Trainers (ToT) events and at least 5 national events, with a focus on equipping educators with the skills to support Ukrainian refugees through debate.
  • The conduct of over 1000 workshops for young people, with a significant portion dedicated to Ukrainian refugees, facilitating their engagement and integration into the community.
  • The organization of a minimum of 40 community debates in local communities, with topics relevant to the experiences of Ukrainian refugees, promoting dialogue, understanding, and community cohesion.

Through these focused efforts, the project aims to not only provide a supportive platform for Ukrainian refugees but also to enrich host communities by fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of diverse perspectives and experiences. This initiative stands as a testament to the power of debate in bridging divides, enhancing social cohesion, and building a more inclusive and democratic European society.

The "Speak together" project is funded through the Erasmus+ grant by the European union.

EN Co-Funded by the EU_POS

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