Online panel: Japanese and Romanian Debate Formats and Communities

Online panel: Japanese and Romanian Debate Formats and Communities

IDEA member, Romanian Association for Debate Oratory and Rhetoric (ARDOR) hosted a panel discussion on the topic ”Japanese and Romanian Debate Formats and Communities” in which a very interesting school friendly debate format from Japan was explored.

We invite you to check out the panel discussion on Japan and Romania's academic debate cultures. The event, organized by the Romanian Association for Debate, Oratory, and Rhetoric (ARDOR), featured a detailed exploration of the methodologies and practices of debate within these two countries.

The panel was moderated by Ioana Covei, ARDOR President, with distinguished guests including Dr. Chihiro Nakagawa from the Parliamentary Debate Personal Development Association in Japan (PDA Japan), Professor Briena Stoica, a debate instructor from Romania, and Dragos Pop, who coordinates the Middle School Debate Program for Agora in Romania.

The discussion provided an in-depth look at the contrasting debate formats used in Japan and Romania, highlighting the educational benefits and the role of debate in developing critical thinking and communication skills. Dr. Nakagawa presented an overview of Japan's prepared and impromptu debate styles, emphasizing the significance of evidence and logical reasoning in constructing arguments. The conversation also covered the Parliamentary Debate Association (PDA) format, designed to be adaptable for educational environments, offering a practical approach for teachers to incorporate debate into their curriculum. The discussions are resource for those interested in the pedagogical applications of debate, offering insights into how debate can be a dynamic tool for engaging students in critical analysis and articulating ideas. The exchange of perspectives provided a valuable comparison of the approaches to debate education in Japan and Romania, underscoring the adaptability and impact of debate as a pedagogical method.

We invite you to look at the


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