Debate the 2022 Qatar World Cup with us

Debate the 2022 Qatar World Cup with us

The 2022 Football World Cup in Qatar, the most hotly debated sports event in history, has kicked off. Apart from discussing whether holders France, Brazil, or a number of other nations will lift the cup this year, the event has also sparked a large amount of controversies. Ranging from corruption scandals, workers' rights, to LBGT freedoms, the legacy of Qatar will live on in debate classrooms as well as on the pitch. During the event, IDEA will present a collection of materials to spark debate on the World Cup in the classroom.

We start our exploration of the issues surrounding the World Cup with maybe the most controversial topic of all: should individuals boycott the World Cup in its entirety?

We explore this issue in our latest entry into the Debatabase: This House Would boycott the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The Debatabase is the largest collection of debate topics in the world. Providing an overview of common arguments in favor and against, and providing a list of resources for further reading, it provides teachers and students with all materials needed to host an energetic debate on contemporary and timeless issues.  With 1495 debates and counting, you can browse this extensive overview for prepping or simply to satisfy your curiosity.

More content will be added as we reach the later stages of the World Cup - so watch this space!


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