Debate motions for WSDC 2024

Debate motions for WSDC 2024

Final clarifications and motions for WSDC 2024 have been announced

We are pleased to announce the conclusion of the motion clarification process for the World Schools Debating Championship (WSDC) 2024. This event, organized by IDEA member Open Communication in collaboration with IDEA, will be held in Serbia.

During the clarification process, the Chief Adjudicators (CAs) and the Motions Committee addressed all submitted questions. The final clarifications have now been completed and are available for public viewing.


Round 1: This House Supports strict state secularism in Western Liberal Democracies.
This includes prohibiting religious symbols in public spaces, not providing funding to religious schools and charities, not having an official state religion, etc.

Round 2: This House Prefers a world where Truth and Reconciliation Commissions were established to deal with the aftermath of the Yugoslav Wars rather than the ICTY.

Round 5: This House Believes that major tourist destinations should significantly limit the number of tourists that can visit.

Round 7: This House Supports France's exit from West Africa.


You can access the clarifications by following this link

Motions and clarifications


See you in Belgrade!

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