WSDC 2022 Livestreams

WSDC 2022 Livestreams

In order for family, friends, and fans to cheer on their teams, we are going to livestream eliminiation rounds at WSDC 2022! In this article we will explain how you can watch from home.

The schedule

There is one outround each day. On August 14th we start with the Partial Double-Octo Final, followed by the Octo-finals (August 15th), the Quarter Finals (August 16th), the Semi Finals (August 17th), and concluding with the Grand Final on August 18th.
Teams can debate in one of three time slots depending on their mutual availability. We announce the schedule where possible on the day before the rounds start.

The debate start times are:
01:15 UTC
10:15 UTC
15:15 UTC


We seek to obtain consent for teams to livestream at least one round per time slot. If consent has been given, we will livestream via our YouTube channel. An announcement about which teams will debate in the livestream will follow by an update in this news article and a message on our Facebook event page.

What if the team I want to watch is not livestreamed?

We can unfortunately only livestream a maximum of two debates per time slot (a maximum of sixdebates per elimination round, if all three time slots are utilised by teams). If consent is obtained from teams from multiple debates, we will aim to record the other rounds and release them at a later date. It may be that teams do not consent to being livestreamed, in which case the round will not be available to watch.

List of livesteams

Partial Double-Octo Final Stream A (10:15 UTC) (Ireland vs Japan)
Partial Double-Octo Final Stream B (15:15 UTC) (Hungary vs China)

Octo Final Stream A (10:15 UTC) (Singapore v Australia)
Octo Final Stream B (15:15 UTC) (India v Canada)
Octo Final Stream C (15:15 UTC) (China v The Netherlands)

Quarter Final Stream A (10:15 UTC) (Ireland v Hong Kong)
Quarter Final Stream B (15:15 UTC) (Sri Lanka v Canada)
Quarter Final Stream C (15:15 UTC) (Malaysia v China)

Semi Final Stream A (10:15 UTC) (Hong Kong v Singapore)
Semi Final Stream B (15:15 UTC) (China v Sri Lanka)

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