Teach global citizenship education with New Global Learning

Teach global citizenship education with New Global Learning

A full set of courses on teaching debate strategy and global citizenships, including e-learning, lesson plans, and background material, is now available. With these courses IDEA promotes the use of global citizenship in debate-based youth work. Debate coaches can help students discover the challenges of our ever-increasing world with a truly inclusive method.

Global citizenship education is vital for today’s youth. It teaches understanding, respect, and cooperation across cultures. By exploring global issues, young people become more aware and responsible. It empowers them to make better decisions, fostering tolerance and inclusivity. Global citizenship creates engaged citizens for a better, more connected world. You can find the full resources on the project website. They are also available through the "Resources" tab on our website.

By providing youth workers with a set of methods, case studies, and exercises, we enable them to help bring global citizenship education in practice. This project builds on existing global learning guidelines by incorporating innovative and digital methods to create practical training modules and toolkits.

These resources were developed in a partnership between IDEA, its members Fundacija Polska Debatuje and Asociacia Debatni Klubu, and e-learning specialists Learning Wizard. All materials on this platform were developed with co-financing of the European Union through the Erasmus+ program.


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