Prepared motions for WSDC 2022 are now available

Prepared motions for WSDC 2022 are now available

IDEA is hosting World Schools Debating Championships in 2022, the debating World Cup for secondary-level students. Some of the topics the students get to discuss are known in advance.

Teams representing over 70 nations from across the globe will participate in World Schools Debating Championships hosted by IDEA in August this year. At WSDC, some of the motions the students get to discuss are announced 60 minutes before the round starts (impromptu motions), and some are known in advance. 


The following prepared motions will be debated at The Netherlands Online WSDC 2022:


Round 1: This House believes that the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue should initiate the creation of a regional defense pact (similar to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) in the Asia Pacific Region.

Round 3: This House would create a global carbon market.

Round 5: This House would implement fairness doctrines on broadcast news media with significant audience reach.

Round 7: This House prefers a world in which postcolonial African states had prioritised achieving economic and land reparations (e.g.: active land redistribution, quotas, cash transfer programmes) over enshrining civil and political rights (e.g.: rights to protest, vote, free speech, form associations, etc.).


At WSDC, motions are selected by the Motions Committee. Most of the members are voted in by voting representatives of WSDC nations and two are appointed by the host. We sincerely thank the members of the WSDC 2022 Motions Committee for their time and hard work - Varshini Venkatesh (India), Luka Petrović (Croatia), Julio Meyer (Mexico), Kithmina Hewage (Sri Lanka), Njuguna Macharia (Kenya), Huw Jones (Wales), and Tamkeen Nawab (Pakistan).



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