In memoriam - Ronna Liggett

In memoriam - Ronna Liggett

We are saddened to report on the passing of wonderful educator and a member of the global debate community - Ronna Liggett.

We mourn the loss of Ronna Liggett, a respected member of the global debate community, who passed away peacefully on February 19, 2024. Ronna's lifelong commitment to education and her remarkable contributions to debate as a pedagogical tool have left an indelible mark on educators and students across the world.

Ronna's tenure as a Communication Studies teacher and debate coach at the University of Nevada, Reno, spanned over two decades, where she nurtured the minds of young debaters and instilled in them a passion for rigorous discourse and critical thinking. Her dedication to the craft extended beyond her retirement, as she continued to volunteer as an international debate educator and adjudicator, enriching the debate community with her expertise and compassion.

Ronna's legacy is not just in the accolades her teams won or the number of students she taught but in the critical thinking, empathy, and understanding she fostered in her students. Her work exemplified the power of debate as a tool for active citizenship and showcased the transformative impact educators can have on their students and communities. Community behind IDEA's Youth Forum will remember her as a wonderful and supportive educator.

We extend our deepest sympathies to Ronna's family, friends, and all those touched by her wisdom and kindness. Her contributions to the field of debate education will continue to inspire generations to come. Ronna Liggett's memory will be cherished and honored within our community as we continue to pursue the ideals she embodied so fully in her life and work.

The International Debate Education Association commits to honouring Ronna's legacy by continuing to support and expand the reach of debate education, fostering the same spirit of inquiry and engagement that Ronna so passionately advocated for.




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