Empowering Youth Through Debate: Addressing Euroscepticism

Empowering Youth Through Debate: Addressing Euroscepticism

Debate workshops in Estonia, Czechia, and Slovenia introduced youth trainers in tools for critical EU discussions, enhancing understanding and debate skills across Europe

Start of 2024 was dedicated to the use of debate methodology for enhancing the critical engagement of youth with the topic of Euroscepticism under the DEUS project. We held exciting workshops in Estonia, Czechia, and Slovenia. These events, organized by our national members who are also partners on the projects were part of a big plan to help young people understand the European Union (EU) better, and reach their own conclusions about how it works.

During the workshops, participants not only learned and shared ideas but also took part in debate tournaments. These tournaments focused on important social issues, giving young people a chance to practice their debating skills on topics that matter in today's world.

One of the highlights were “Country Expos” where participants shared stories about their own countries' political situations. This sharing was an eye-opener for many, as it helped everyone understand the different challenges and perspectives that exist across Europe.

Trainers from all over Europe, including countries like Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovenia, and many others, joined the workshops with total participants reaching 14 countries. They were there to learn new ways of teaching debate and then share these methods back in their home countries. This way, the workshops didn't just impact the people who attended; they also set the stage for spreading these valuable skills even further.

The tournaments and discussions made the workshops more than just a learning experience. They were a chance for young people from different places to meet, compete, and share their views on big issues.

IDEA's events in Estonia, Czechia, and Slovenia showed how debate can bring people together and help them understand complex topics like the EU's role in the world. By including young debaters from various countries, IDEA is building a community that's ready to talk about important issues and make a difference.

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