Call for bids for EuroSDC 2025 is open!

Call for bids for EuroSDC 2025 is open!

After the success of EuroSDC 2024, the bidding process for 2025 is now opened. If you or your organisation is interested in hosting the best high school debaters across Europe, please read on to find out all the details about the bidding process.

Roadmap of the bidding process

  • Phase I (until May 17): Prospective bidders prepare their bid documents. The EuroSDC Committee can assist potential bidders at this time.
  • Phase II (until May 31): The bid documents are released at least a month before a Council meeting.
  • Phase III (June): Council meets online for bid presentations and discussion. An online vote takes place after the meeting to determine hosts.

Submitting the bid

Please send the draft bid documents to no later than May 17th, 2024. Should you have any inquiries or require assistance with the bid documents, do not hesitate to contact the Tournament Committee for support.

The Tournament Committee will conduct a review of the draft bid documents. If there are any questions or a need for clarification on any part of the bid, the committee will reach out to the bidder promptly to facilitate any necessary revisions.

Final bid submissions must be completed and sent to by May 31st, 2024.

Bid requirements

As per the Tournament charter, the bid document should include at least the following:

  1. an overview of the chosen accommodation site, including prospective prices, preferably with offers received from vendors;
  2. an overview of venues used for the preliminary and elimination rounds, including prospective prices, preferably with offers received from vendors;
  3. an overview of catering options used for the event, where the event caters for at least three meals during the three full days of the competition, including prospective prices, preferably with offers received from vendors;
  4. a prospective total budget for the event;
  5. an overview of prospective travel routes and costs for at least the participating nations at the most recent edition of the Tournament as well as the two potentially eligible countries geographically most removed from the prospective Host;
  6. a prospective cap on the total number of teams able to participate;
  7. an indicative registration fee per participant, from which it is only allowed to deviate upwards after winning the right to Host by seeking permission from the Committee;
  8. possible scholarship programmes for low-income participants;
  9. indicative sources of revenue other than registration fees;
  10. at least one and maximum two Chief Adjudicators.

Prospective Hosts should be able to guarantee a minimum capacity for 20 teams.

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