Active Youth Hub

Active Youth Hub

The “Active Youth Hub” project is focusing on addressing the needs of youth workers and, especially, those who work with underprivileged youth, with limited access to the adequate resources and to professional development opportunities.


Target Groups

Youth workers who don’t have access to high quality learning resources and lack knowledge about innovative pedagogical methodologies.

Youth workers working with youth at risk and are committed to building an inclusive society.

Specific Objectives ​

1. Guidelines & Resources

To provide youth workers with evidence-informed guidelines, good practices and resources, which can be used with youth for the development of active citizenship, digital and entrepreneurial skills.


2. Learning Experiences

To co-create with youth workers effective learning experiences (both online and offline) for the development of active citizenship and entrepreneurial skills through a serious game and digital escape room.


3. Policy Development

To use the results of the project for the development of existing policy framework on the development of active citizenship and youth entrepreneurship.


Our project website can be found here.

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